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Rebel.NET & Phoenix Protector Update

Both suffered from a bug where they’d fail in case the assembly to reproduce/protect didn’t have a .rsrc section. Since at the time I wrote the code all .NET assemblies had a .rsrc section, I took it for granted and … Continue reading

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CFF & Rebel.NET Update

Fixed some bugs in both applications. In particular, made some part of the CFF Explorer more robust. The current CFF Explorer still contains the core I wrote when I was 19yo. The newer kernel, which I don’t know if I’ll … Continue reading

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Multiple Updates

A serious bug in the CFF Explorer, Rebel.NET and Phoenix Protector has been fixed. The bug affected the ExportedType .NET metadata table where the member TypeDefID was declared as a TypeDef index, while it’s a dword. The table is declared … Continue reading

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