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Phoenix Protector 1.6 & Strong Name Signing

Due to the high request, I took 20 minutes of my time and updated the Phoenix Protector, bringing it to the version 1.6. The only addition to this version is the possibility to re-sign assemblies obfuscated by the Phoenix Protector. … Continue reading

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DisasMSIL and CFF Explorer

Today I wrote a free/open disasm engine for Microsoft’s Intermediate Language (MSIL). http://ntcore.com/Files/disasmsil.htmYou can use it any context you wish. There are no license restrictions. The only thing I ask you to do is to send me your bug fixes … Continue reading

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Today I’m releasing the Rebel.NET software and its official guide. Rebel.NET is a rebuilding tool for .NET assemblies which is capable of adding and replacing methods and streams. It’s possible to replace only a limited number of methods or every … Continue reading

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