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Preparing a bugfix version of CFF Explorer

It has been many years since the last update of what had started as a hobby side-project when I was 19. I’m sorry that I haven’t updated the CFF for such a long time, given that thousands of people use … Continue reading

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CFF Explorer 7.9 & Secunia

Today I’ve received a Secunia report email about a buffer overflow vulnerability in the CFF Explorer. I was quite amused =). I mean, I usually get emails sent me by users about bugs in the CFF, never got an email … Continue reading

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CFF & Rebel.NET Update

Fixed some bugs in both applications. In particular, made some part of the CFF Explorer more robust. The current CFF Explorer still contains the core I wrote when I was 19yo. The newer kernel, which I don’t know if I’ll … Continue reading

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CFF Explorer update: scripting arguments

Arguments can now be passed through command line just by making them follow the name of the script. E.g.: “CFF Explorer.exe” “C:\mydir\script.cff” arg1 arg2 “arg 3” To access the arguments from the scripting part you can use the global variables … Continue reading

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Explorer Suite update

CFF Explorer: Improved support for tiny PEs. Fixed a bug in the Exception Directory which was due to the grid set up. Task Explorer: Fixed a minor bug on x64. Added the Driver List tool.

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CFF Explorer bug-fix

Fixed a bug reported by icy. It was causing crashes in executables without sections when calculating their PE size.

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Data Execution Prevention (NX) flag

As you probably know the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) was introduced in XPSP2 and it prevents code to be executed from data sections. Let’s consider this code snippet: [cc lang=”cpp”]unsigned char b = 0xC3; // ret int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* … Continue reading

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Kernel: 3rd edition

I don’t want to show too much, this is just a small preview. Yes, it’s running on Ubuntu and it runs on OSX just as well. I don’t know if I’m going to ship a Linux and an OSX version … Continue reading

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Multiple Updates

A serious bug in the CFF Explorer, Rebel.NET and Phoenix Protector has been fixed. The bug affected the ExportedType .NET metadata table where the member TypeDefID was declared as a TypeDef index, while it’s a dword. The table is declared … Continue reading

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