Only today I had 4000 unique visitors on NTCore!

It all began yesterday evening when I reached in 3062 visitors. I really couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the number on my visitors counter. What happened? I noticed going through the referrals that I had been linked by several major sites. One of them was

In one and a half day I reached 7000 unique visitors.

Why? Because of Vista4Experts, which, after not even a week of being released, has being linked everywhere on the net. Really a big hit. If you type it into google, you’ll find more than 30,000 results. And, I repeat, that’s after not even a week that I uploaded this software on NTCore.

Webpages and blogs from all over the world are talking about it.

PC World asked me if they could host the program as well, because they are covering it in an article about Windows Vista.

All this tells me that I was right about my criticism about Vista and a lot of people, even not experts, feel like me.

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6 Responses to Surprising

  1. Florent says:

    Because of Vista4Experts : it’s true!
    But it should be recognized that Vista is very heavy. It’s over-protected (for the experts… and the others!). Then, when a simple solution, pretty and effective appears, everyone likes!
    Good continuation. Hoping for new adjustable parameters.

  2. Ntoskrnl says:

    Thank you =)

    Yes, I have new parameters in mind but can’t add them right now, because I’m working like mad to release the new CFF Explorer.

  3. Florent says:

    I tried Vista4Experts yesterday, I’m lovin it today!
    We can wait. :)

    3 links with some tweaks for some ideas :D

    ‘ nice day. :)

    Ps : Explorer Suite is so powerful! A bit more complex than V4E :p .

  4. Ntoskrnl says:

    Thanks for the links, there are a few tweaks i can add. What should be understood is that the tweaks should remain consistent with what the tool actually is. Using the “secret” vista boot image is just a game, nothing for experts.

    I’m glad you like the program!

    Yes the Explorer Suite is a bit more complex, in fact this is the biggest release I ever did.

  5. Florent says:

    According to this article, it would be interesting to disable Windows Vista SuperFetch. Why not a new option of Vista4Expert. :)

  6. Ntoskrnl says:

    Very good hint, I will definitely add it. Not to the default options of course…

    You’ve been very helpful: if I had always this kind of feedback… =)

    P.S. Sorry for the late reply but I got a bit sick these days.

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