Rebel.NET & Phoenix Protector Update

Both suffered from a bug where they’d fail in case the assembly to reproduce/protect didn’t have a .rsrc section. Since at the time I wrote the code all .NET assemblies had a .rsrc section, I took it for granted and didn’t include specific checks.

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  1. Wiktor says:

    Phoenix Protector is a great programm, but i found very bad error.
    When I make some changes in Exclusion List, save the project, close application and start app and project again, then Exclusion List is always empty. Becouse of that use the command line is impossible, becouse the changes in Exclusion List are not included.
    Can You fix this

  2. chengh says:

    using System;
    namespace Sample
    public sealed class Pair
    private T ?1380?;
    private V ?1381?;
    public T Key
    return this._first; //has been change to ?1380?
    public V Value
    return this._second;
    public Pair(T ?690?, V ?835?)
    this._first = ?690?;
    this._second = ?835?;

  3. Jaenecke says:


    I like your program “NTCore Phoenix Protector” (using version 1.9.01). It’ small, fast and free. I use it only for private, because I want to give only some friends my own programs…

    Which .Net-Framework version is the really last version now and with which restrictions ?
    Do you continue developing this program or make some bug fixes ?

    Note: I use always .Net-Framework 3.5 in my programs for maximum features, maximum compatibility and minor client installation (Nothing on Win7)

    There are some things were I have problems (The hardest are in top, lowest in the bottom)

    – Own generics classes like MyClass won’t work correct. I must exclude them, otherwise there are exceptions. Reason: The generic methods uses un-obfuscated members, but can’t find them

    – Windows Forms: Adding resources like Icons or bitmaps and using (loading) them will crash the assembly start

    – When I click the exclusions sometimes they will not be used for obfuscating and my exclusions are not done in the assembly

    – The Project exclusions will not be applied on next use, when the same C# assembly has been changed. They are not in clear text, so that they can be edited. So command line usage doesn’t make sense….

    – A C# project with more than 1 Assembly can’t be obfuscated, when there are sharing DLLs, because your internal obfuscator table seams so start new for every assembly. I must use always ILMerge…

    Bye Frank (from Hamburg)

  4. I’m sorry, the project is no longer being developed (and hasn’t been for years). I’m sure you will find more up-to-date solutions which are also free. Thanks anyway for the suggestions.

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