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Preparing a bugfix version of CFF Explorer

It has been many years since the last update of what had started as a hobby side-project when I was 19. I’m sorry that I haven’t updated the CFF for such a long time, given that thousands of people use … Continue reading

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A malware with my name

There’s a malware circulating that contains my name in its version information. I’m, of course, not the author (putting one’s own name in the version info would be brilliant). I’m clarifying, as three people already contacted me about it since … Continue reading

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PDF Insider Demo

A small, on the fly video presentation of my new utility. The emphasis of this application stands on parsing correctly the PDF format, if it can’t because the PDF is malformed (very common among malicious PDFs), then it provides the … Continue reading

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Filter Monitor 1.0.1

This week, after months of development of bigger projects, I found some time to windbg “ntoskrnl.exe” and write a utility. It is called Filter Monitor and shows some key filters installed by kernel mode components. “As you probably all know … Continue reading

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Native Blocks Pre-Alpha

Here’s a presentation of my new tool. I called it Native Blocks. It’s a re-assembler basically. Since a written presentation would take me too much time I prepared a video presentation. Again, this is a pre-alpha. This tool will soon … Continue reading

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Kernel: 3rd edition

I don’t want to show too much, this is just a small preview. Yes, it’s running on Ubuntu and it runs on OSX just as well. I don’t know if I’m going to ship a Linux and an OSX version … Continue reading

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Qt: Now LGPL

Nokia today announced that its Qt cross-platform user interface (UI) and application framework for desktop and embedded platforms will be available under the open source LGPL version 2.1 license from the release of Qt 4.5. I’ve been waiting for such … Continue reading

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Small Devices & RCE

I wanted to comment and add some thoughts about the IDA-on-IPhone news I read on woodmann. Good news for real iPhone fans: we ported IDA to iPhone! It can handle any application and provides the same analysis as on other … Continue reading

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