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Ctor conflicts

Perhaps the content of this post is trivial and widely known(?), but I just spent some time fixing a bug related to the following C++ behavior. Let’s take a look at this code snippet: // main.cpp ——————————   #include <stdio.h> … Continue reading

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The biggest software delusions of the last decade

… or how Microsoft is trying to lose its dominant position. It’s not only about Microsoft of course. Other big companies have made mistakes, but Microsoft is surely the company which has made most of them in the last ten … Continue reading

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Software Theft FAIL

… Or why stealing software is stupid (and wrong). A small guide to detect software theft for those who are not reverse engineers. Under my previous post the user Xylitol reported a web-page (hxyp:// by someone called “Martik Panosian” claiming … Continue reading

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Qt’s GUI Thread

If you’re a Qt developer, you surely are aware of the fact that you can only display GUI elements and access them from the main thread. This limitation as far as I know is mostly bound to the limitations of … Continue reading

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Qt: Now LGPL

Nokia today announced that its Qt cross-platform user interface (UI) and application framework for desktop and embedded platforms will be available under the open source LGPL version 2.1 license from the release of Qt 4.5. I’ve been waiting for such … Continue reading

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Dynamic C++

As anticipated, I just finished my Dynamic C++ proposal. I’d like to thank my friend Quake2 for his support during the last month. I wrote this document because I needed to express myself about this subject. Despite the fact that … Continue reading

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