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Ctor conflicts

Perhaps the content of this post is trivial and widely known(?), but I just spent some time fixing a bug related to the following C++ behavior. Let’s take a look at this code snippet: // main.cpp ——————————   #include <stdio.h> … Continue reading

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MUI files under the hood

Have you ever copied after Vista a system file like notepad.exe onto the desktop and tried to execute it? Have you ever tried after Vista to modify the resources of a system file like regedit.exe? It’s most likely that neither … Continue reading

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Preparing a bugfix version of CFF Explorer

It has been many years since the last update of what had started as a hobby side-project when I was 19. I’m sorry that I haven’t updated the CFF for such a long time, given that thousands of people use … Continue reading

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Companies on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

This is basically a continuation of the previous post about the biggest software delusions of the last decade. In hindsight I would have set rather a different tone for what I wrote, less rant and more technical, but the problem … Continue reading

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The biggest software delusions of the last decade

… or how Microsoft is trying to lose its dominant position. It’s not only about Microsoft of course. Other big companies have made mistakes, but Microsoft is surely the company which has made most of them in the last ten … Continue reading

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Software Theft FAIL

… Or why stealing software is stupid (and wrong). A small guide to detect software theft for those who are not reverse engineers. Under my previous post the user Xylitol reported a web-page (hxyp:// by someone called “Martik Panosian” claiming … Continue reading

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A malware with my name

There’s a malware circulating that contains my name in its version information. I’m, of course, not the author (putting one’s own name in the version info would be brilliant). I’m clarifying, as three people already contacted me about it since … Continue reading

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CFF Explorer 7.9 & Secunia

Today I’ve received a Secunia report email about a buffer overflow vulnerability in the CFF Explorer. I was quite amused =). I mean, I usually get emails sent me by users about bugs in the CFF, never got an email … Continue reading

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IDAQ: The result of 7 months at Hex-Rays

It is not a mistery that Hex-Rays is preparing for the IDA 6.0 beta program. In this post I’ll write a bit about my personal, behind the scenes, experience with the project. It took me 7 months to port/rewrite the … Continue reading

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Rebel.NET & Phoenix Protector Update

Both suffered from a bug where they’d fail in case the assembly to reproduce/protect didn’t have a .rsrc section. Since at the time I wrote the code all .NET assemblies had a .rsrc section, I took it for granted and … Continue reading

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